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SONDR & VIZE Release ‘Kids’

The new collaboration from SONDR and VIZE is nothing short of epic. Pulling together instantly memorable hooks from dance and pop genres, the infectious track “Kids” has co-writing credits from Shy Martin and features singer Lilly Ahlberg on vocals.

Shining brightly with a searching top-line, there is both soul and groove layered within this track. Crisp beats and dynamic builds ensure your attention is kept for its duration. Listen below.

Of the song, SONDR say, “We had a great time working with VIZE and Lilly Ahlberg on this record. We always like to include organic instrumentation in our songs, but this is the first time we used a string orchestra. Between the orchestral arrangements, Lilly’s indie-leaning vocal and VIZE’s signature “Slap House” style we feel we have created a unique sound with this record. Everything fell into place naturally and we are really happy with the outcome!”

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