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Excision and Sullivan King Drop Revolutionary New Collab ‘Unbound’

With little need for introduction, Canadian disc jockey and king of bass Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, has once again teamed up with the ever-energetic and genre-bending Keaton Prescott, who has shook the EDM scene with his metal and rock driven live performances under the artist name Sullivan King. While this certainly isn’t their first collaboration to date, this joint track hit the EDM scene with a bang, as Excision and Sullivan King continue to wow listeners all over with their unique blend of each of their takes on bass music. With Excision’s heavy hitting wubs setting the standard for headbanger bliss and Sullivan King rebelling against norms and infusing his insane musical skills with production to create spine-tingling bangers, it was hardly a surprise that this new collaboration would find favor among both artists’ fans, in addition to reaching some new ones as well. Listen to the new track, “Unbound,” below!

Excision & Sullivan King – Unbound | Subsidia

Released through Excision’s record label Subsidia, the track starts off reflective, melodic, and slower-paced. Sullivan King’s sullen vocals take listeners on a journey of feeling trapped and wanting a rebirth, and this song certainly delivers. The lyrics take the spotlight as the rifts and basslines build upon themselves, preparing the audience for the hard-hitting and intense climax, seemingly painting a picture of just how loud your thoughts can be inside your head when no one can hear them. The last 30 seconds of the song are arguably the most notable, with King shifting his vocals to a scream and Excision taking the basslines dark and dirty. This track digs deep into your demons and brings them out to play, solidifying these two artists as pioneers of bass music. Get ready to set yourself free and let yourself get lost in the revolutionary sounds of two of the most talented and hard-hitting producers in the scene, you won’t be disappointed.

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