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MitiS drops second single ‘Homesick’ from his upcoming project

Joseph Torre, who you more likely know as MitiS, has been perfecting his idiosyncratic blend of melodic bass music since 2012. His latest release, “Homesick,” adds to that reputation, with its melancholic, piano-driven melodies accompanied by the soothing lyrics of pop-punk and emo influenced singer/songwriter SOUNDR. The track follows last month’s “Try,” both of which are expected on his forthcoming larger project.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, MitiS was trained as a classical pianist from a young age. His early musical life became the foundation of his artistic endeavors in both production and live performance. Performing a live set that integrates his production chops and piano roots creates an encompassment of both his early music endeavors and his current vision of musical composition. He’s an artist in the purest sense, pouring his soul into every release. With millions of streams across all platforms and multiple charting releases, MitiS has built a devoted and loyal fan base helping to propel his artistry to the next level.

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“Homesick” is out on Ophelia now. Click here to download or stream the track!

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