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Five Zeds Dead songs to celebrate five years of Deadbeats

The legendary bass duo, Zeds Dead, recently celebrated the five year anniversary of their label, Deadbeats. With countless singles, remixes, features, and full length albums, Zeds Dead has risen to be one of the top producers in the EDM world. In honor of  the Deadbeats anniversary, here are five of my favorite Zeds Dead songs over the years to blast in my speakers.

Deadbeats 420 w/ Zeds Dead @ Rawhide | 190420 | Photos by Jacob Tyler Dunn

“Eyes On Fire”- Blue Foundation (Zeds Dead Remix)

The Zeds Dead remix of  Blue Foundation’s “Eyes On Fire” was released in October of 2009, and over a decade later, the song remains to be one of my favorite bangers. The unique video game like sounds mixed with a slow and hypnotic melody allows for this song to hit in any type of setting. “Eyes On Fire” knocks in at over 37 million listens on Spotify, making it the duo’s most listened to track. Listen to “Eyes On Fire” here.

“Collapse” (feat. Memorocks)

The 2014 hit from the album Somewhere Else, is one of my favorite euphoric bass tracks of all time. The song is fun to blast on your car speakers on a night time drive, as you can sing a long to the nostalgic lyrics with your windows down. Listen to “Collapse” here

“Where The Wild Things Are” (feat. Illenium)

The bass heavy, Illenium collabaration was released in 2017 and has recently gained a lot of fame from TikTok, but is always good for a healthy head bang. This song is great for lifting your mood up, but also getting in your daily dubstep. Listen to “Where The Wild Things Are” here

“White Satin”

Based on The Moody Blue’s track “Nights in White Satin”, “White Satin” takes a diverse and electrifying take on the 60s classic. “White Satin” was released in 2010 and hits hard on headphones after a long day. Listen to “White Satin” here.

“Stars Tonight” (feat. DROELOE)

The upbeat, magical melodies of “Stars Tonight” mixed with its dirty bass drops make the song my current favorite Zeds Dead song. Originally released as a single and then as part of the 2020 album We Are Deadbeats (Vol. 4), “Stars Tonight” is growing to be one of the Canadian DJs top songs. Listen to “Stars Tonight” here.

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