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Head to Head: Virtual Riot vs. Barely Alive

Who’s ready to go Head to Head with Virtual Riot and Barely Alive?! Back in 2014, these two have made an alliance through their record label, Disciple. They’ve collaborated on songs, performed B2B’s, released EP’s, and more. They’ve done a successful job at representing Disciple and the bass music community as a whole.  As a tribute to their upcoming pod show on April 1st, we’re going to rank the top 3 Virtual Riot & Barely Alive picks. These picks are from the Head to Head Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 EPs!

#3 Odyssey VIP

This is a journey….INTO SOUND! Odyssey VIP is a remix of Odyssey by Barely Alive but has its twist to make it his very own opener. It starts off with this retro-sounding opener as if you just clicked to start a video game. After a minute, it takes you into an 80’s-inspired tune that makes you feel like you’re soaring through space in a technicolored saucer. Once the song builds to it’s drop, “this is a journey”, it hits you with several samples of Barely Alive’s top songs, making a signature opener for Barely Alive.

#2 Pray for Riddim VIP

Now let’s pass it over to Virtual Riot! This is another stellar remix of Pray for Riddim. It initiates with a spooky organ piano playing in the background, followed by an intensified build-up, leading into a sequence of insane drops! Wait until you get to that last drop though…

#1 Basement Dwellers

Finally, this is when Virtual Riot and Barely Alive join FORCES. To what seems like a casual ride on an elevator turns into the fall into your greatest DOOM. This song is comprised of screeching and distorted basses designed by both Virtual Riot and Barely Alive.

Click here to secure your tickets to the Disciple Pod Concert Experience on Thursday, April 1st.

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