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Feeling Gold with Laszewo’s New Track “I Feel Gold”

Need to spark some motivation in your life? Then you gotta listen to Laszewo’s latest track, “I Feel Gold”.

This track is a full-on confidence booster that will inspire you to follow your own path instead of doing what is mainstream and to be patient with it. This is to be done when no one is watching. Eventually, people will start noticing, but you won’t need their approval. This message is clear when the lyrics go, “so now you wanna know how fortune feeds the bold, ask me for a favor like you want something I own”. The lyrics are followed by, “patience is a virtue, how unfortunate,” acknowledging that having patience is the key.

Fear is another subject Laszewo highlights, claiming in the lyrics that, “there’s a secret fear in the world unknown,” followed by, “watch me tear it down…yeah I feel gold.” This is a sign to embrace our fears and use them as motivation to become better.

“I Feel Gold” adds to the handful of tracks Laszewo has released, which includes the use of vivacious instruments, accompanied by lead singer, Keeva Bouley’s, and her delicate voice. The song picks its pace up with its build-up, adding more vocals and intensifying the instruments, releasing into a beautiful drop.

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Laszewo (La-zay-woah) is an electronic trio that’s got an Indie/Alternative vibe with them. With a small follow, they deserve all of their support and more!

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