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Album Review: Ganja White Night’s ‘Dark Wobble’

It’s only fitting that the Belgian bass duo Ganja White Night would drop some brand new music on 420. And not only new music, but an entire 10-track album entitled Dark Wobble. Their first full-length release since The One in 2019, GWN is making up for lost time and brought the heat in this one.

The album kicks off with a little “Firestarter” as an intro before leading into the bass-face inducing “Narnia,” full of old school dubstep vibes. Next comes “Trinity,” a trippy, distorted track that will leave you feeling disoriented in the best of ways. “Shipwreck” seems a fitting name for this follow-up tune, as listeners dive even deeper into this trippy soundscape.

“Master Kush” is full of gut-punching drums and kicks and echoing basslines. Featuring playful horns, “Black Lotus” is a bit more easygoing, giving listeners a chance to come up for air amidst an album of bass, but we’re ushered right back in with “Mad Dawg” next, which picks up the pace and brings those wonky elements back in.

Featuring Boogie T on both guitar and vocals, “X Roads” is an impressive track reminding us why these artists are frequent collaborators. Their styles complement each other perfectly and you can’t help but bounce along. The duo teamed up with fellow wobble bass producer Subdocta for the next one, “The Green Lab,” and it’s another match made in heaven.

“In The Cave of the Wobble King,” is an epic take on “In The Hall of the Mountain King” by composer Edvard Grieg. The classical strings build with subtle drums and a vocal sample before launching into a breakdown that only be mastered by the “Wobble Kings” themselves – Ganja White Night.

Ganja White Night continues to impress with their take on bass music production and this album might just go down as one of our favorite GWN releases of all time.

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