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Relentless Interview: SoDown Illuminates Fans With New Release ‘Cake’

Making his mark on the electronic dance music community, SoDown lights up the scene with his unique and signature sounds. This saxophone-loving groove master has made a name for himself across the board. He does not like to limit his music to a single genre- therefore he showcases his versatility through GetDown Key, categorized as SoHeavy, SoGroovy, and SoChill. 

SoDown has done it again by creating a track that represents all of the above, “Cake.” The Lo-fi vibes, in the beginning, bring us right into a little bit of a harder and wonky style. Repetitiveness is no issue with this one, he really captures his audience with his smooth- groovy switch-ups. As this fun and enticing vocal floats through the melody with grace, we can hear his unique and signature sounds bring a pop of vibrancy and satisfaction. We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to pick his creative brain a little bit with an exclusive interview!

Tell us a little bit more about you! How long have you been making music? At what point did you realize that this was your calling? 

Well, I am a bass music producer and saxophonist from Colorado. I have been making music/ learning the craft professionally for about 11 years now. I grew up loving music so much. I remember when I was like 8, I used to make mixtapes on a tape player and rap over them. I played a variety of instruments throughout grade school (cello, drums, guitar, etc..) I remember specifically in elementary school, lugging around this massive cello that was bigger than me hahaha. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t know music was my calling until I started going to EDM shows. I loved the way it brought people together and got everyone on the same wavelength. I felt I could contribute to the better of the world by creating art and bringing people together. That’s been my mission ever since.

Your music has such a unique combination of heavy, groovy, and chill. What inspires that sound?

I am inspired by so many different genres, feelings, and styles, and I want to make music that is true to me and that can be relatable to any moment in one’s life. My music is the culmination of my life’s experiences.. joys, troubles, travels, adventures… I grew up listening to reggae, hip hop, RnB, soul, and I think that helped develop my music into what it is today. Some of my favorite artists from my childhood are Sublime, Dr. Dre, and Snoop. I wish I had lime wire still so I could look back and listen to my old collection haha…

This last year has proven that we all have struggles, and how to handle them. What is one thing that motivates you to keep going when life is tough?

Just the thought that life could be worse. My message and branding is pushing the idea that we need to be grateful for the moment and enjoy life, for the only time that exists is now. My skull character represents the constant reminder that death is coming (at some point) for all of us and that it’s in our own best interest to make the best of whatever is happening in that moment. This is represented in the majority of my releases over the past year or so, everything from Alive, to Pull The Trigger to Turn The Lights Out.

Tell us about your new track “Cake” coming out on May 14th!

I wanted to make a track that reflects the state of capitalism and its shortcomings. In what seems like an endless pursuit of paper, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters, those we love, the experiences we share, and the present moment.

You have a show here in Phoenix on June 12th, for the people who have never seen you live before, what should the audience expect? 

A multi-genre adventure through space and time. I always LOVE playing in Phoenix! So many amazing people live there and they always come ready to GetDown! 🙂

Stream “Cake” now: Spotify | Soundcloud | Apple Music

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