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Seven Lions and Trivecta Conquer on ‘Wild and Broken’ Featuring Blanke and RBBTS

The holy duo comes back with their latest track “Wild and Broken.”  The collaboration of Seven Lions and Trivecta, along with Blanke and RBBTS, strikes us with emotion and enchantment. With Seven Lions’s mysterious sound design, Trivecta’s melodic bass folk chords, Blanke’s augmented drop, and RBBTS deep vocals, these artists have pieced together each of their creations all into one.

This song has been previewed from Seven Lions and Trivecta in their live performances from this year’s Sunset Music Festival, along with the Seven Lions set at Ubbi Dubbi 2021 as well. This will be the 2nd time these artists collaborated with each other and the first time with Blanke altogether. The infusion of these artist’s styles has embarked on an ambitious comeback. Ophelia Records is proud to share this inspirational hit with the world.

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