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Don Diablo Takes on Futuristic, High-Tech Theatre Production in Amsterdam

Dutch DJ and producer Don Diablo has always had his sights set toward the future, but never quite like this. With his production talents and creative genius propelling him into the spotlight of promise and opportunity, he continues to push boundaries and take on monumental projects that are undoubtedly just a glimpse of many to come.


Live performances have captivated and mesmerized audiences for decades. Electronic dance shows, while more modern and technologically advanced, are also forms of live, artistic entertainment. Don Diablo is helping to directly answer the question of what happens when you combine several live, artistic experiences together with the aid of modern technology and aspects of traditional performance. His newest project entails taking on the large and exciting responsibility of both scoring and musically directing an interactive, high-tech theatre production called Forever Young: We Are The Future of Theatre. 


Don Diablo boldly paves the way for the future of not only theatre, but the ongoing collaboration of inspirational storytelling and electronic music. The themes surrounding the production heavily focus on mental health, next-generation love, social media, and more. The debut of the show will be a limited viewing in Amsterdam this November. General public viewing is expected to begin in 2022. This ground-breaking production could make history, and open the door for a very bright, (and EDM-filled) future.

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Photos: HBT Magazine,, Forever Young Facebook Page

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