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Dirt Monkey’s ‘Depolarize’ is Downright Bananas

Patrick Megeath, better known as Dirt Monkey, has been producing music for about a decade and in that time, he has tackled an extensive array of sounds, styles, and genres. Of course his latest album Depolarize would be no different. A 14-track masterclass, Depolarize is a deep dive into the mind of a man who loves all types of music. Over the course of this album, Megeath demonstrates his limitless versatility time and time again. Whatever your sound or style may be—wobbles, wonk, left-field, bass house, hip-hop, reggae, drum and bass, jersey, trap, or just about anything else—Dirt Monkey has something for you. Listen to Deploarize below!

Perhaps even more impressive the album is practically a continuous mix. Virtually all of the tracks flow together, transitioning seamlessly from one to the other. Not only does Dirt Monkey “Depolarize” a massive spectrum of sounds, but he also intertwines and weaves them together masterfully.

Can’t enough of the album? Dirt Monkey’s Depolarize tour is making three stops in the Southwest this weekend! Starting on Friday, October 8 at AURA in Tempe, AZ; followed by a show on Saturday, October 9 at El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, NM; and one more on Sunday, October 10 at Gentle Ben’s in Tucson, AZ.

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