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Artist Spotlight: Young Franco

Joseph Da Rin de Barbera, better known as Young Franco, is an Australian producer known for his diverse sounds, suave aura, and uniquely-styled tracks. The young artist has seen wild success, setting out on several tours across Australia and Europe, selling out shows in numerous cities across the globe. One of Franco’s most popular tracks, “About This Thing,” has surpassed 18 million streams to date. It proves to be an excellent example of Young Franco’s ability to combine the best of his mellow drum beats, house, and grime influences, and gives us a taste of his multi-faceted discography. Check out some more of his work below:

His cool, groovy beats have carved out a signature sound already recognizable to fans. His tunes paint pictures of carefree days and fun-filled nights!

This Brisbane-based producer will be catching the next flight out to Arizona to bring his one-of-a-kind music to Shady Park in Tempe! You don’t want to miss out on this one—get tickets here while they last!

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