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Hekler Presents Cerebral Banger ‘Tease Me’

Boundary-pushing producer Hekler has returned with a fresh track that boldly veers off-course from his signature style and sound. With intense and gritty sounds being a staple for Hekler, “Tease Me” presents an unexpected twist.

After several releases earlier this year, the artist recently took to social media to reveal that he took a brief hiatus from releasing music so that he could reflect on the direction he wanted to take the Hekler project. After deep consideration and thought, he has returned with a beautifully crafted, cerebral track. Check it out below!

Previously known for his use of intense and aggressive bass elements, along with his innovative take on dubstep and trap, this new entry into Hekler’s discography is wildly different and delightfully new. With pulsating synths, sultry vocals, and beautifully blown-out basslines, this track will entice you into its euphoric sounds and leave you wanting more.

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