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Midnight T Mixes Never Say Die’s ‘Black Label XL 5’

Headbangers, stop what you’re doing and check out this insane mix from one of the heaviest labels in the industry, Never Say Die Black Label. This 45-minute trip to Bass City is curated by the one and only Midnight Tyrannosaurus. Black Label XL 5 highlights the most face-melting bass music the label has to offer, remixed by the dubstep dinosaur himself. Midnight T let the cat out of the bag earlier this week on twitter:

Black Label XL 5 features artists SVDDEN DEATH, Hekler, Mastadon, and more. This mix is also packed with a ton of unreleased music that you won’t be able to stream anywhere else. Midnight Tyrannosaurus really held nothing back on this insane remix that is sure to make bassheads smile. The insane wubs, drops, soundbites and honestly weird ass sounds are what makes this mix so perfect. Midnight Tyrannosaurus does an excellent job of getting listeners lost in the bass, bringing them back to reality, and dropping them right back into the sound. Make sure to take a seat before giving Black Label XL 5 a listen because you will get floored at the sheer madness this mix contains. Check out the mix below.

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