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Excision Releases Impressive Fifth Album ‘Onyx’

Out this past Thursday, Excision‘s fifth studio album Onyx is a monumental collection of work that highlights the Bass producer’s massive talents. The album features 17 tracks that showcase his signature heavy-hitting drops, innovative basslines, and multiple collaborations with artists such as Dion Timmer, Hairitage, Kompany and Sullivan King. Having released a handful of singles over the last year, fans have been eagerly awaiting a full-length album. Enjoy Onyx now!

In addition to making the expected headbangers like “Clockwork” and “Crusher,” Excision explored different tempos and rhythmic ideas on this album, like the slow and sludgy “Osiris” or the edgy synth-driven “Hypnosis.” “The Last Elder” feels cryptic and mystical, while “Our Fire” with Sullivan King explores heavy, emotional depths.

The album begins with the recognizable T-Rex stomping that causes chills down your spine in anticipation of what’s to come. From there, listeners will hear heavy metal, hip hop, UK dubstep, and other musical elements that make this one of Excision’s most intriguing projects to date. Similar to the multifaceted soundscape within his Subsidia label, which features Dawn, Dusk and Night collections ranging from melodic to experimental to heavy; Excision presents a wide mix of these elements on Onyx.

Excision said, “Onyx, for me, represents how everything in the world feels increasingly black and white,” Excision says of the album’s title. “You’re either on one side or the other with far less room for ‘gray area.’ So to me, the contrasting blacks and whites of the mineral onyx do a really good job of painting the polarization in the world at this moment in time.”

Onyx sets the tone for 2022 early: high-energy, full-throttle, non-stop Bass! 

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