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VLCN Drops Debut EP, ‘The Unknown’

Tampa-based bass musician, Sam Swan—better known as VLCN—has been rising through the ranks of the underground for many years now. With several releases on major labels, including Subsidia, Bassrush, and Rude Service, the time has finally come for the up-and-comer to drop his debut EP, The Unknown.

Out now on Rude Service, The Unknown is a four-track masterclass in all things bass music. Beginning with a beautiful intro, “Come On” quickly coaxes the listener into the world of VLCN. As the cinematic soundscape begins to collapses, VLCN and Stryker deliver a devastating drop that sets the bar for the rest of the EP.

Up “Next,” VLCN and AG set the stage with a fantastic fusion of metal and dubstep, as they’re practically opening up the pit within this introduction. Then, all mayhem brooks loose as the legendary duo unleashes a dangerous mix of sinister synths, booming bass, explosive drums, and so much more.

As if things couldn’t get any more intense, the third track is an open invitation to violence – beginning with the song title, “Fight.” Fueled by the vicious vocals of the beastly BLUPILL, the build-up towards this drop is pure, unfiltered adrenaline. A perfect place to throw some elbows, “Fight” is practically a mosh pit paradise. With insane sound design, extreme energy, and relentless momentum, this one is simply ridiculous in the best ways possible.

Last but not least, the Swan song of the EP, “Eternity Unknown” is a genuine journey. On the lone solo track of his debut EP, VLCN ventures out of his comfort zone, as “Eternity Unknown” begins with a beautiful ballad and a lovely ambiance. Then, when a melodic riddim drop emerges, one can’t help but wonder what’s next. In one of the most unexpected moments of the EP, VLCN launches the listener into a scintillating soundscape that’s just as captivating as it is mystifying. In this place, there is no possible way to prepare for what comes next. With a mind-blowing switch into future bass, VLCN delivers an absolutely jaw-dropping section. Then, as if that somehow wasn’t enough, the adventurous VLCN combines future bass and melodic riddim in a phenomenal final drop.

Suffice it to say, The Unknown is an extremely impressive debut EP. While others worry about the unknown, VLCN claims it as his own. With inspiring ambition, out-of-this-world versatility, sensational sound design, and so much more, there is absolutely no limit for the future of VLCN.

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