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Artist Spotlight: Lucii

Lucii is an otherworldly musician who’s been capturing souls and hearts alike since her emergence onto the scene in 2017. The 25-year-old Floridian began building the foundation for her career in Orlando’s thriving bass scene, establishing her unique sound with wonky, psychedelic singles such as “Abduct Me” and her 2018 release “Invade.”

Not long after, Lucii came into contact with space bass legend Liquid Stranger’s record label WAKAAN, leading her to become the first woman to sign on to the label. She joined Liquid Stranger on his INFINITY tour in 2019 as the opening act, which allowed her to further broaden her skills and create her distinct sound.

In 2020, she teamed up with fellow WAKAAN resident Champagne Drip to produce the massively successful single “Me and You.” Shortly after, Lucii released her 4-track sophomore EP, Wicked, showcasing her production prowess and evolution as an artist.

Lucii’s discography has been steadily growing over the years as she continues to hone her craft. With tracks featuring enchantingly haunting vocals, paired against backdrops of wobbling, glitchy bass, it is no surprise her music has captivated so many.

Catch Lucii’s performance on Black Tiger Sex Machine’s Cyberworld tour on Saturday, April 30th at Phoenix Raceway. Get your tickets here now! For those in Albuquerque, catch Lucii at Salt Yard West, Friday, July 29th; you can get your tickets here.

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