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BARDZ Shows His ‘Vices’ on New EP

Tyler Bardzilowski, better known as BARDZ is a singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist. Loved for his evocative melodies and heartfelt lyricism, BARDZ once again proves his effortless musicality with Vices, a four-track EP.

The EP opens with the title track, a stirring and soft melody with stunning vocals from Madi Earl. “Vices” is BARDZ’s storytelling of “all the emotion, restriction, and distraction we all fell through in quarantine.” Heavier on the synths, “Fallout” creates a visceral thrill that starkly juxtaposes the tenderness of the title track. BARDZ teams up with fellow musician Stirling to create “Grounded,” a warm and inspiring song. The EP draws to a close with “I Need,” another masterfully composed piece, featuring wistful lyrics and harmonies in tandem with Nina Sung.

BARDZ will be returning to Shady Park on Saturday, April 9th with his brand new live show (including new visuals and special guests)! Don’t miss out—grab your tickets here.

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