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RB Exclusive Interview: LICK

Powerhouse producer LICK has been on our radar for years, and for good reason! He’s recently performed at Lost Lands and Lost In Dreams, and has just released his first liquid DNB EP. He’s continuously pushing himself to experiment with new sounds and styles, resulting in a diverse, creative discography. We had a chance to talk with the Arizona native before his upcoming performance at Goldrush Music Festival. Read below!

You have a talent for navigating multiple genres and sounds. What’s your creation process like? 

My creation process is really just doing whatever I want to, thats heavily inspired by my mood or sounds that I hear and using that as creative energy to form music.

Is there one genre you feel drawn to or like creating more than others? Are there areas you’re still wanting to explore that you haven’t yet?

I think in the mean time diving into one of the genres that have got me into dance music (DnB) has been an adventure. I dove into a sub genre known as LIQUID dnb and deadbeats and I have shared the same vision resulting in me making REFLECTIONS my ep.

Your Reflections EP is out this week—congrats! Can you tell us more about it? 

Reflections has been such a heart felt emotional tie to who I am. Although im usually making bass music, liquid dnb has a sense of calmness and serenity other genres dont give me. I made one song after years of contemplating and then it turned into a snowball and made the whole ep within a few weeks.

How would you describe the EP to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? 

Serene. Good Vibes. Calming.

You’re a bit of a foodie online! What are some of your favorite places you’ve eaten while traveling for shows and festivals? 

OH YES I AM A BIG FOODIE! I just happened to be in Vegas for Lost In Dreams and ate at one of the best upscaled chinese cuisines called MOTT32 its a michelin star restaurant with some very authentic but elevated dishes. Besides that I am always down for ramen or KBBQ and sushi… and pretty much anything lol.

We know you love a hometown show, and we’re so excited to have you! What can fans expect from your upcoming Goldrush Music Festival performance? 

I LOVE ARIZONA SO MUCH. Everytime the hometown shows up. Im going to be playing some new music and edits and also a little bit of liquid at the end of my set.

The Goldrush hashtag is #canyoudigit, what are a few things you’re really digging right now? 


Catch LICK this weekend at Goldrush Music Festival! It’ll be one to remember! See the full lineup and grab tickets now!

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