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Ranger Trucco’s new EP is ‘euphoric.’

For Ranger Trucco, the last two years have been a whirlwind. Hailing from northern Michigan, Ranger Trucco left his hometown after his first year of college to pursue music in Los Angeles. Fresh on the scene, Ranger Trucco caught the attention of Night Bass and Space Yacht in 2020 with his skillful production and effortless lyricism (featuring his own vocals). Since then, the young vocalist and producer/DJ has gone on to release on imprints ranging from Spinnin’ Deep and Sink Or Swim, to Noizu’s Techne and John Summit’s Off The Grid Records.

This year, Trucco added label boss to his credentials with his newly minted record label, range.. Launched in May, the label’s first release, a two-track EP titled spring ’22, was produced by Trucco and ventured into the more minimalist side of his sound design. The most recent addition to the label’s catalog is a continuation of Trucco’s stripped-back, seasonally-titled EP; featuring two lengthy tracks, fall ’22 flexes Trucco’s deep tech production skills. 

Listen to fall ’22 below!

Though the bulk of Ranger Trucco’s singles from the last two years feature infectious basslines and original vocals that command the track, “euphoric.” and “don’t go.” see the young producer take a step back from his characteristic sound and instead, towards a more linear and subtle aesthetic. On the A-side, “euphoric.” features punchy drum grooves, classic acid house synths, and ambient vocals that leave you in a state of futuristic, hypnotic bliss. The B-side hits a little harder; “don’t go.” is built on a rolling bassline that dominates the track, with retro, melancholy vocals adding a softness that juxtaposes the track’s percussive elements.

Ranger Trucco will be returning to Tempe in less than one month! He’ll be taking over the decks at Darkstar on Friday, December 16th; click here for tickets.

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