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Latmun Teams Up with Iglesias on ‘Duffman’ EP

Tucked away in the UK’s underground scene, Latmun (also known as Joe Bradley) has been captivating crowds with his infectious house grooves since he began his first DJ residency around a decade ago. Though Green Velvet’s mentorship and Detlef’s camaraderie helped catalyze Latmun’s career, it was ultimately Latmun’s years of diligence in the studio that led him to develop his unique interpretation of tech house which sustained his blossoming career. Whether he’s spinning or producing, Latmun brings a cohesive energy and lucidity that reflects his time spent listening to the sounds of thriving dancefloors from London all the way to Ibiza.

Latmun’s last release sees him reunite with fellow British producer/DJ Iglesias; the two artists have previously collaborated in 2019 and in the beginning of 2022. Their latest collaboration is a two-track EP titled Duffman, released via Paco Osuna’s Mindshake imprint. The two tracks, “Duffman” and “In The Mood,” were staples in both of the producer’s sets for well over a year before officially being released. 

Check it out below!

“Duffman” harnesses a retro aesthetic in its framework; a bouncy, rubbery bassline and gritty vocal chops give the track an addictive energy. On the B-side, “In The Mood” takes a more laid-back approach with stripped-back percussive elements and a sub-heavy bassline, while funky vocals give the track a more light-hearted atmosphere. If there’s one thing that Latmun and Iglesias have shown in their collaborations throughout the years, it’s that they’re cut from the same cloth—their production styles are simpatico.

Latmun will be making his way back to Tempe with his groove-heavy house music on February 11th at Darkstar. Click here for more information.

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