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Teenage Mutants Unleash ‘Brachland’

Emerging from the shadows of Germany’s thriving underground scene with a penchant for drama is techno duo Teenage Mutants, currently formed by long-time friends Christian and Fabio. Defined by their “Techno with Drama” dogma, Teenage Mutants operate freely as creatives unrestrained by musical boundaries, spurred on by a shared passion for music and a desire to continuously elevate and expand their heady, hypnotic sound.

The duo’s latest offering is a peak-time techno track titled “Brachland”—German for wasteland. Forged in an industrial soundscape, “Brachland” plunges you into an inferno of unrelenting drum kicks, hazy vocals, and arpeggiated synths. The record is fueled by an incendiary groove that ravages its surroundings until it becomes a no man’s land, leaving behind plumes of smoke and ashes in its wake. “Brachland” is an apt name for this scorching record.

Check it out below!

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