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The New BeatBox Flavor is Sure to be Refreshing this Summer

As it heats up in the southwest, there are few things that refresh quite like pink lemonade. It is the perfect mix between sweet and sour that really brings out the best of both strawberries and lemons. You can now enjoy that refreshing taste, while also keeping the party going thanks to BeatBox! Partnering with Avril Lavigne on this delicious new flavor, BeatBox continues to deliver some of the best tasting refreshments as they bring their pink lemonade just in time for summer.  

New Pink Lemonade BeatBox

If you haven’t been able to enjoy a BeatBox, imagine a juice box for adults, but alcoholic! Instead of a straw, they come with a resealable lid which allows you to keep your drink safe on the dancefloor. Oh and did we mention these bad boys are 11.1%? They pack a punch. The pink lemonade is a great addition to a lineup that boasts nine unique and fruity flavors such as blue raspberry, tropical punch, and fresh watermelon. We are proud to bring you BeatBox beverages at many of our events, shows, and festivals. If you are looking for a great non-carbonated option to sip on while at a summer festival, look no further than the pink lemonade. It is sure to be refreshing and provide just enough of a kick to keep your party going. Remember to always drink responsibly.

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