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Widow returns to Deep Dark and Dangerous with New ‘Shadow Work’ EP

Widow, an up and coming bass artist from Canada, continues to drop hit after hit, and his upcoming EP, Shadow Work, is no exception. Coming out with his seventh Deep Dark and Dangerous release and third EP, he has become a staple on this groundbreaking bass label. DDD is one of the leading 140 BPM or halftime record labels operated by dubstep duo Truth. Widow’s newest release is DDD’s most recent release which is sure to make your speakers shake. Widow’s sound can be characterized by a deep melodic half-time feel with eerie tones and spooky lyrics. If you love Halloween or anything spooky, this EP is for you. 

Similar to walking through a haunted house, Widow uses haunting noises and the half tempo cadence of the 140 bpm sound to create suspense throughout his songs and drive the drops through the roof. He utilizes the powerful bass frequencies mixed perfectly with vocals and drums to make everything move synchronously. This newest EP comes on the heels of being included in Deep Dark and Dangerous’ masterclass album, DDD100.

Being the label’s 100th release, Truth assembled many of the best and brightest talents who have appeared on their label over the years to release one large compilation album. Widow not only had one, but two songs on this amazing project, proving himself as one of the brightest bass talents. Be sure to tune in to Shadow Work, out now and big ups to Widow on the new release.

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