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The Perfect Send Off, GRiZ Announces Brand New Self-Curated Festival, Ursa Major

Ready yourselves to journey through space and reconnect with the universe at Ursa Major this September. GRiZ recently announced the first ever “cosmic campout” Ursa Major Festival, taking place here at the Pepsi Amphitheatre and campgrounds in Flagstaff. The forest-weekender rave retreat will be connecting music, art, and community in a whole new way. GRiZ aims to create an environment where you can vibe out, connect with one another, and peacefully enjoy nature.

The three-day festival will consist of live music from an array of different genres, art, workshops, craft vending, and chances to connect with the community. GRiZ hand-picked some of his current favorites and created a diverse lineup of amazing artists. Music will be coming from artists like Inzo, Black Carl, Justin Jay and many more. Although GRiZ will be bringing the lasers, he emphasized on his social media posts that Ursa Major won’t be a “huge led stage production.” GRiZ mentioned he wanted a more intimate alternative production style, using surrounding nature, “experience, lifestyle, and music.” He stated in an Instagram post regarding the festival-

“…I wanted a place in the woods where I can sit back smoke a joint and hang w my friends and play music over the summer.”

GRiZ wanted the festival to have limited capacity to provide the feeling of just vibing out with his fans, family, and friends. GRiZ gravitated towards the Pepsi Amphitheatre and campgrounds for being a smaller low-key venue. Ursa Major is offering tent/car camping, RV camping, and lodging at nearby hotels. Walk-in camping will be located in the beautiful surrounding forest and RV camping will be located in the gravel lot. The campgrounds will provide accessible drinking water, porta potties, and a variety of food vendors.

GRiZ, or Grant Kwiecinski, announced Ursa Major following his announcement of an indefinite break from performing and the GRiZ project. GRiZ has worked tirelessly for many years to create a beautiful career for himself, others in the industry, and his fans. GRiZ is loved by many for not only being a DJ, but for using music to heal, spread love, connect, and support one other. He is a bundle of light and joy that has touched many. Many fans were saddened by the news of his break but overall showed a profound amount of support and love to GRiZ. The response to his announcement really showed the amazing rave community GRiZ has helped build.

Apart from the music, art, workshops and more, GRiZ will be doing three headlining performances each night of Ursa Major. Each different then the last, he stated on Instagram, “I’ve curated the music each day to go with the vibe.” Ursa Major being the last GRiZ-curated event before his hiatus, it is sure to be filled with surprises and amazing vibes.

Photo from Griz’s Facebook

Pre-sale tickets for Ursa Major dropped Monday June 12th and quickly sold out. For more information on any Q&A’s, you can check out the Ursa Major FAQ here. More tickets for the festival will be available Wednesday June 14th; you can sign up for updates and purchase final tickets here.

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