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Bass Bliss Unleashed: LSDream’s Latest Remix Series is a Sonic Wonderland

LSDREAM has just unleashed the second installment of his remix series, aptly named LSDREAM Remix Series Vol. 2. Many of these tracks are currently being played out during his tour, and each piece in this collection brings a unique flavor to the original, with LSDREAM carefully selecting artists renowned for their production prowess and distinct styles. Let’s dive deep into each track; they all deserve some love.

Kicking off the collection is Xotix‘s rework of “R.A.V.E.,” a flawless introduction. The glitchy buildup gives way to a space bass drop, driven by piercing notes that intricately scramble your mind. The second drop, a fusion of future bass and dubstep, oozes creativity and leaves a lasting impact.

Next up is Raaket‘s take on “Expand The Universe,” the track LSDREAM has been using to kick off his recent sets. With an otherworldly buildup, the song transitions into a funky space bass drop, complete with deep, textured sounds that guide your dance moves. It’s funky, spacey, and guaranteed to get you moving.

Zen Selekta brings a chill vibe to the mix with their remix of “Om Namo.” The first drop is well-crafted, featuring a touch of funk, downbeat notes, intricate sound design, and a captivating flute-like counter melody that culminate in an exceptional composition. It feels like time and space are shifting, making it the perfect soundtrack for a sunset experience.

The fourth track on the album is Hairitage‘s remix of “Follow the Vibe,” another staple in LSDREAM’S recent tour. The trap space bass first drop sets a high-energy tone, perfect for getting groovy at a faster tempo. The second drop takes an interesting turn with a space bass drum & bass style, prompting crowds to dance uncontrollably.

Accelerating the tempo, Keota delivers a stellar remix of “I Am Bass.” Building up rapidly, the drum & bass drop is a breath of fresh air, quick, and filled with space bass elements that spice up the experience. Multiple counter melodies weave together, demanding multiple listens to fully appreciate its complexity.

Noetika takes on “Moon Legs” with a chiller approach. The remix relies on a strong melody delivered in a wave-like fashion, with distortion accentuating the song’s movement. The second drop introduces a heightened melody, providing a welcome contrast to the initial drop.

Closing out the remix album is Space Wizard with his rendition of “Activate.” Beginning serenely, the song builds up intensely, and when the drop hits, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported into outer space. Heavy notes pierce the sonic landscape, resembling an alien spaceship crashing to Earth. If you’re a fan of space bass, this track is a must-listen!

LSDREAM Remix Series Vol. 2 is a diverse collection showcasing the talents of various artists, each bringing their own magic to LSDREAM’S already captivating originals. These remixes are not just tracks; they’re experiences waiting to be explored. Give them the attention they deserve and let the music take you on a journey.

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