Relentless Beats

J.Paul (HavocNdeeD)

Genre Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trap

Country USA

Label 119 Sound



J.Paul (HavocNdeeD)'s Biography

Pop quiz hot shot, name the biggest thing to come out of Evanston, Wyoming?

WRONG, whatever you said is wrong.

The correct answer would have been Jared “J.Paul” Jackson. Hailing not only as a DJ that can rock a crowd covering almost any genre under the sun, he also makes up exactly one third of the Dubstep trio “HavocNdeeD.” What’s Dubstep you ask? Wrong yet again, this is not an open forum for questions. Dubstep is generally viewed as the dancefloor clearing style of music with all that “wobbly & screechy” bass.

JPaul @ Sticky Fingers from PheosiA Films Production on Vimeo.

However, being that J.Paul is well versed in many instruments and has a love for all things music, He (and HavocNdeeD) are craftsmen of very musical, highly addictive, dance floor filling originals as well as remixes of tracks you may already know. Artists that have received the J.Paul & HavocNdeeD treatment read as a very eclectic list: Linkin Park, N.W.A, Camo UFO’s, Portishead, She Wants Revenge, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Snoop Dogg, Damian Marley, Rusko and the list goes on and on.

J.Paul also is the co-founder of one of AZ’s longest running bass music nights; UK Thursdays.

If your in the mood for something different and want that something to be way safer than experimenting with mind altering drugs but have near the same effect, check out J.Paul in a live setting. . . chances are he’s already there, waiting.

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