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SMASH Episode #4 – “The Night Out”

This is it! Tonight we’re hosting Martin Solveig for his first appearance in Arizona at Wild Knight for Sound Kitchen.

The final–or at least latest video in the SMASH series–is the music video for “The Night Out.” Solveig and manager Lafaille are back with their usual antics. They’re joined this time by Solveig’s life-long love interest “She” played by Gianni Morandi and guest stars fellow DJs and producers A-Trak as “Trizzy Manzarek,” Laidback “cool hand” Luke, and Sidney Samson as “Snatch Boogie,” Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, and Zedd as band members and “control room rookies.”

Night Out takes place immediately after the Stade de France performance with Solveig and Lafaille carrying the referee chair they used to sneak into the stadium throughout Paris. Like the other videos, it opens with a lot of small talk, only this time it’s referential to electronic music. Solveig was asked to perform live for for an Italian music award ceremony and he’s concerned with lip syncing. In the next scene he muses that it’s “not the kind of problem you have when you’re a dead mouse” and Lafaille has apparently never heard of Deadmau5. Immediately after, and old woman mistakes him for David Guetta. Later in the video though, he’s definitely more reminiscent of a Michael Cera character. And while in the theater, She defends dubstep proposing that electro songs like Avicii‘s Levels are too predictable. Dubstep instead has many more sounds and basses.

After the exposition, the story appropriately revolves around his first date with She in a night out with a movie, dinner, scooter rides, dancing and a small cruise on the Seine with Lafaille captaining the ship. Studio time with fellow DJs on instruments and the mixing board intertwines with the story and gives the video a classic music video montage. It turns out to be a seeming end to the four-part-long series that focused on Solveig getting the girl.


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