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EDMovie Madness: Lido Directs His First Video For His Single “Crazy,” Sam Feldt With “Shadows Of Love,” And Tep No’s “Swear Like A Sailor”

Its that time of the week again, to bring to your attention the latest and hottest edm music videos. This time around I’ll be going over video’s for Lido‘s single “Crazy,” Sam Feldt‘s “Shadows Of Love,” and “Swear Like A Sailor” by Tep No. These are definitely worth watching, check it out!

Lido – “Crazy”

Lido is tackling multiple roles for this one as he takes on directing for the first time, vocals, and plays the lead role in the music video for his new single “Crazy,” the first from his upcoming and still-untitled album. The video is all based on lights that come alive as Lido points to them to the beat of “Crazy.” When the track slow down, there are more mellow blues and whites to match the mood, but as things start to build, more reds emerge until all of the lights are unleashed from all sides in one grand finale.

Lido – Crazy (Official Music Video)

Sam Feldt – “Shadows of Love” feat. Heidi Rojas

Sam Feldt debuted a new track recently at Ultra Music Festival titled “Shadows Of Love” featuring Heidi Rojas. The deep house track has a colorful piano melody filled with light beats and high energy, and now its brought to life through video. The music video starts off displaying a friendship between four girls as they play tennis and stroll through the town on bikes, but then shows a different side of them when a dude comes along. One of the girls walks up to him threatening him with a knife which I’m guessing showcases girl power when being left in the “shadows of love.” The girls then put on masks and rob a shoe store with the employee at gunpoint, and the video ends with them happily looking back on their day with a torch held high.

Sam Feldt – Shadows of Love feat. Heidi Rojas (Official Music Video)

Tep No – “Swear Like a Sailor”

Deep house meets ambient in Tep No’s single “Swear Like a Sailor.” The song includes additional guitars by Ashton Price and gives you another taste of his upcoming debut EP due sometime this year. The music video for the track will really make you want to take a vacation, and tells the story of lovers who lost each other. With lyrics shouting “screw you Taylor Swift” because she is a reminder of a past lover, clips of the two surfing without each other, and the two out on the town alone, the track is brought to life perfectly.

Tep No – Swear Like A Sailor (Official Music Video)

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