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One Month Since ‘So Much Fun’ Was Released and There’s More Art to Come

Today marks one month since the release of Young Thug‘s newest album, So Much Fun. Thug is steadily releasing music videos for songs on the album, today he released a video for “Just How It Is.”

Young Thug – Just How It Is [Official Video]

Thug is not only the star in his videos, but he plays a big role in producing and directing them as well, his eye for aesthetically pleasing visuals is shown in this (dominantly) black and white video featuring the first track off his No. 1 album. At 0:35 we are introduced to yet another imposing outfit choice from Thug which we see him flaunting for the rest of the video- over the soothing guitar notes and impeccable flow. The color scenes in this video sare particularly chosen, nonetheless the whole video is delivered in a dismal construct.

“Just How It Is” is the second track that Thug has released visuals for off his new album, following his “Surf” video featuring Gunna.

Young Thug – Surf ft. Gunna [Official Video]

Both videos have received millions of views following their releases, and Thugs success from this album has barely reached its incline yet, foreshadowing an intense climax with what he will deliver next.

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