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The Kid’s 3 Reasons You Want to See Wiwek at Wet Electric

Now that Phoenix Lights is over, Wet Electric is right around the corner! Only being about 4 weeks after Phoenix Lights, it’s time to start getting ready for the festivities that will occur April 30th because it’s gonna be here sooner than we think. Along with some of our amazing headliners this year like Dada Life, 3lau, Desctructo, and many more we’re bringing out the Dutch mastermind Wiwek to slay the decks!

1.) New EP

Probably the most exciting thing about Wiwek coming is that just a little over a month ago he released his new EP The Free and Rebellious. With five tracks featuring a lot of names that we all know like Skrillex, Yellow Claw, and more, you’re definitely going to lose your mind listening them. They bring together the elements of big room, hip-hop, tribal and trap that has earned him a bevy of support from some of the industry’s most noteworthy heavyweights. In fact the EP was so good that he got this released on OWSLA, who we all know continually pumps out some of the best and most popular tracks!

2.) Jungle Terror

In the first reason’s paragraph I mentioned that Wiwek has a combination of several different styles and genres. This unique melting pot actually recently just got it’s own brand as “Jungle Terror”. The ironic part is that Wiwek didn’t start out intentionally trying to create a different genre, which is probably the same for most new genres born. Wiwek states in an interview, “I was starting to make these tunes that were really tribal, but they were a bit harder than usual tribal house and I would always add these weird noises, like monkeys and chanting. I remember I was hanging out with some friends and I told them I made some “jungle terror,” ’cause that was the first thing that came up in my head, first as a joke, but after a while I started to put it as a genre in SoundCloud.” After a while, Wiwek started gaining mainstream support and from there he just kept growing in popularity!

3.) The venue is a Water park

For those of you who don’t know, because believe it or not some don’t, Wet Electric is held at a local water park. If you’re a local, you probably know Big Surf and what it is, but if you don’t then you really need to check this out!


My second show ever was at Wet Electric, so naturally it is one of my favorites and I think everyone and their mother should go, but with good reason!(That picture being one of them!) This year the weather shows a high of 88 degrees on April 30th and a low of 65, perfect for being outside and enjoying some music! The stage production is always something that amazes me too. They build a stage above the water which allows people to swim right up to the railing and splash some water around when the beat drops! I’m telling you it’s among the best concerts you will ever attend!

If you wanna grab tickets go ahead and click right here! Additionally the event page can be found right here!

Connect with Wiwek: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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