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Shiba San gifts all house music lovers his new “Let’s Go Dancing” EP on Repopulate Mars

Last week, Shiba San released his Let’s Go Dancing EP on Lee Foss’s label: Repopulate Mars. This will not only be Shiba’s first release of 2021, but it is also his third release on the label. Shiba San holds a special place in my heart as he made me fall in love with house music back in 2016 with his original track “Okay”.  He has come along way since “Okay,” taking hold of the hearts of house music lovers along the way.

This EP starts out with “Let’s Go Dancing”, which showcases Shiba San’s organic house style drum pattern. The hypnotic vocals that seamlessly repeat throughout the track are actually made by Shiba San himself, making the track more personal.  The vocals play as:

“Come with me,

Let’s get drunk,

Free your body and feel the funk.

Follow me,

along the way,

Let’s go dancing into the day”

He ties in the vocals by separating them with a retro-sounding organ piano roll, encasing the natural characteristics of classic house music. I enjoy the fact that he blends all elements without clashing or making it sound congested, which is a huge reason why Shiba San remains one of the greats. 

Shiba San’s love for Chicago-style house music really comes into play with “Do Your Thing” starting with the vocal chop he uses in the beginning. This vocal chop is really important because it gives the main vocal a seamless transition into the track. This main vocal is beautiful and true to house music. Shiba San lends his own style while holding onto its traditional characteristics. He utilizes another organ-style piano roll in this one to keep the theme of the classic house music elements in tact. 

Shiba San stuck to his roots for this EP and took the audience on a journey through the elements of house music. Steam his “Let’s Go Dancing” EP now! 

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