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B-Side Weekly: Dave Audé Featuring Jessica Sutta – “Gonna Get U”

If we asked if you could name any Pussycat Doll (aside from the obvious choice of Nicole Scherzinger), could you heroically step up to the plate? Would it be easier if we simply requested that you give us the simple number of girls that happened to be in the band? If not, we at B-Side Weekly understand. I mean, while they have had their share of pop hits like “Buttons” and “Don’t Cha,” that is about the extent of the public’s last memory of when they did something as a group effort. Not to mention that girl-group maven Robin Antin and Nicole herself have shamelessly admitted their effort into making Nicole the showboat of the group, and also a response to her fellow members’ discontent; a topic of celebrity drama from the years of old have all but settled in a climate that isn’t as forgiving to girl groups as it once was. In a musical environment that once celebrated the girl group as a form of female empowerment with every member functioning with a different musical or “message,” it is only with proper genre ebbs and flows that we are seeing a paradigm shift away from the classic format of what the girl group once was, a homogenous collection of empowering women (or otherwise) representing a certain style, brand, or attitude, while transforming into the American want for strong female soloists like Adele, Ellie Goulding, and many more into that “brand” or “attitude” represented by one empowered female, instead of needing a full group to relay whatever message they want to relay.

Gonna Get U – David Audé Featuring Jessica Sutta

With the scene being set, what is to make of the solo members of girl groups who haven’t had an easy time adjusting to their own homogeneous popularity after going solo? There is no question that there is a history of popular solo acts created out of girl groups, but there is always the unanswered aftermath of the artists who didn’t have their big break as a recognized solo act, and have instead relegated a lower profile since the demise of their respective group. Jessica Sutta has had her career ups and downs since the end of the Pussycat Dolls, and while her other “Dolls” in music have been relegating a more traditional pop route, Sutta has been attaching herself to big DJ names since around the times of 2006-2007, showing her love for the world of dance and anything with a beat. Although only gaining a small following with the continually trying release of her debut album and mixtape (finally seeing a release in 2016), Sutta has bobbed her head in and out of the dance world, collaborating with names like Cedric Gervais, Paul Van Dyk, Xenia Ghali, and a slew of hype singles that tried to find that shining beacon onto the dance charts. In 2015, the times were indeed on the up and up for Jessica Sutta, as the wheel of collaborations gracefully landed on the lap of Dave Audé, American house maven that’s been making splashes in the pop scene and house scene since the early 2000s. “I’m Gonna Get U” came onto the radio like a breath of fresh air with a retro blend into the world of house; although originally a 90s track by Bizzare Inc, Dave and Jessica revisit this track with spirit and bravado, breathing soul and meaning into a song and genre that many naysayers claim is “soulless” in itself.

Hearing her soulful belts mixed with a technique that knows exactly where to go without pushing her voice too far, you can only wonder why Nicole was the popular one in PCD. This did achieve success on the dance charts reaching #1 in 2015, but failed to make any strong cultural impact that would put Jessica Sutta in the 2016 dance spotlight. David Audé’s take on this dance classic, along with the hit feature of Jessica Sutta, should teach you a lesson of why you should keep an eye on the low profile artists, even when you don’t think anything is going on. Definitely put this track on for a spin if you’re looking for something with a classic approach to its production, but features soulful, yet smooth vanilla vocals from a pop vocalist you’ve probably never heard of in a soloist setting.

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