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Adventure Club Surprises Us With New Single Off Album

Adventure Club has been in the game for years, and the two production moguls have rightfully made their way to the top multiple times. With songs like Crave You, Limitless, and Gold, they have truly marked their territory in this industry.

Recently, it looked as though they were taking a pit stop on the banger-making track, but once again, they are slowly but surely continuing the streak. Surprising us with a new single off of their soon-to-be-released album Red // Blue, we can rest easy knowing that there’s more magic to come.

The new single titled “Dreams” featuring ELEA, stays true to the duo’s euphoric melody while giving a fresh taste of evolution from Adventure Club’s past chart toppers. With a piano-based intro and light drum kick, and strong lyrics building up to a fast-paced trap drop, the track sails smoothly through the perfect dream.

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