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RB Exclusive Interview: Will Clarke — From Barber Shop to Cuddle Club

Will Clarke, best known for his beard and beats, is a rising star among producers. He always gets us moving on the dance floor–or percolatin’–either way, we’re groovin’. With roots in Bristol and Ibiza, this Dirtybird player knows how to perfectly blend club styles and bass sound, making some absolutely bangin’ dance tracks. He made his rounds on The Barber Shop tour last year and now he’s comin’ around again with The Cuddle Club. I had a chance to talk with the Cuddle Meister before his set at Nocturnal Wonderland just a few weeks ago; check it out below.



So let’s start by talking about your latest single “Tiny Tambourine” with Claude Von Stroke. It’s one of my favorites right now. What was it like working with the head Dirtybird himself? 

It’s funny, we didn’t actually work together. Well, we did, but we didn’t. I wrote the record ages ago and then I didn’t finish it and I was on tour in Australia and I was bored in the hotel room so I just finished it. It kind of worked and I sent it over to Claude and he got back to me and really liked it. He changed some bits and it went back and forth a couple times and it was just really good.

What other instruments, or anything, are best in tiny form?

*chuckles* Anything, it’s amazing. Do you want to see my tiny tambourine? (Can verify, it was amazing.)

We know you’re doing it all for the cuddles! What’s your ideal cuddling partner and scenario?

It really depends on the situation. The whole idea with the cuddles is it’s just an inside joke between me and my friends back home. Anyone, in any way, as many people as possible.

Tell me a little bit about The Cuddle Club Tour and how you chose who to bring along for the ride?

We’ve got BOT. We obviously had a release out together. I really like BOT as well, he’s a great DJ. Option 4, we’ve worked a lot together in Denver. He throws a lot of parties out there and basically owns the Denver night scene so I justed wanted to get him involved really and I really like what he plays. Golf Clap, well, they’re just the homies. They booked me in Detroit for my first show. (Golf Clap will be in Tempe with Will Clarke!) Vin Sol is an artist that I find super underrated. Like I play all of his records and I just love what he does but I don’t see him out playing often. He plays a lot, but I want to introduce him to my fans as well. His music is just so good, he’s one of my favorite artists. 


In addition to the new music and tour, you have a pretty popular podcast, The Barber Shop. Who are some future guests we can look forward to?

I don’t actually know. It’s hard to get people locked in just because everyone’s so busy. I’m busy so sometimes I don’t even know when I’m going to record it. Around this time (midmonth) I’m usually planning next month’s show. 

Who have been some of your favorite “appointments” so far?

I find that artists who are really talkative make for the best shows. Some artists are a little more introvert and it’s a harder to get that conversation out. I just had Detlef this month and he’s a good friend of mine. We met in Australia this year so that was a really nice one. The one with Claude was a shit show. *insert ear to ear grin* He was on vacation with his family and they were all shouting at him the whole show. It was hilarious. It was really nice to get Groove Armada on. Kolsch was a very good one. I really like all of them. I’m like really picky and I wouldn’t put it out if I didn’t like the recording. The whole point of the Barber Shop was to create a barbershop atmosphere where you’re just chattin’ and chillin’. It’s growing and it’s nice.

We’re excited to have The Cuddle Club coming through Phoenix on Friday, October 27th with Golf Clap. Shady Park is one of my favorite venues to groove at I think you’ll fit the vibe perfectly. This isn’t your first time in the Valley though. What do you love most about performing here in AZ?

I love the weather for starters. I don’t know, I’m really looking forward to building my following there. I’m not massive everywhere, ya know? So I’m just looking forward to trying to build my fanbase in different places. It’s nice to be able to go to these small places and see the different communities in the dance world. I’m looking forward to it. See you there, let’s party!  

Will Clarke is kicking Halloweekend off right! He’ll be performing at Shady Park on Friday, October 27th with pals Golf Clap. Grab your tickets here before this one sells out.

Connect with Will Clarke: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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