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Big Things to Come From Big Wild

Like a California wave, Jackson Stell, otherwise know as Big Wild, has crashed into the scene and submerged us with his soothing and robust vibrations. Since 2015 he has put out a widely successful list of tracks, an EP, and accompanied Odesza, GRiZ, Tycho, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar on tour. His Invincible EP was released on Odesza’s record label, Foreign Family Collective, which truly is a match made in heaven. Stell had a knack for incorporating live instruments and making his audience feel transported to nature infused dance floor. The only thing that’s more impressive than his resume and tracks is his ability to make atmospheric funk a thing. His sound drastically differs from anyone else and is already become a huge influence on young producers. We are welcoming him back for New Years and I for one cannot wait.


In the titillating excitement to be reunited with his groovy melodies at Decadence AZ, I put “Big Wild” in the search engine to hopefully be met with good news (aka new music). Search and you shall find; after a refreshing music hiatus, Big Wild will be ready on NYE with a clear head and new tracks. To see a show unlike any other grab your Decadence ticket here and make sure you catch Big Wild!

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