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‘Summer Days’ is the Tropical-Pop-Punk-Rap Fusion You Didn’t Know You Needed

With Martin Garrix’s lush basslines, Macklemore’s effortless flow, and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy’s soulful vocals, “Summer Days” is the anthem for these warm months to come. The song is Martin Garrix’s third single of 2019 and not quite like the other tracks we’ve seen from him lately. Garrix has been integrating EDM with pop music since his first major hit “Animals” back in 2013. He’s won the title of Top DJ in the World from DJ Magazine for three years in a row, has performed at the 2013 Winter Olympics, and started his own record label at age 20. Martin Garrix’s “Summer Days” shows us that he isn’t stopping anytime soon. With tropical synths and a catchy chorus, there’s no doubt whether this song will be a summer hit.

Martin Garrix is known for his commercially experimental music and “Summer Days” is no different. Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy is known for his pop-punk vocals and his addition to the track works well with Macklemore’s smooth rap. The two featured artists come from completely different musical backgrounds, but Martin Garrix’s genius production skills tie the two artists together with a fun, lighthearted twist on mainstream EDM. “Summer Days” is unlike other music Martin Garrix has released this year and proves his versatility further. In Garrix’s own words, “Summer Days” is “one of those tracks that makes you want to get in the car with your friends and blast it with the windows down”. Overall, the Dutch/ tropical house aesthetic and Daft Punk inspired bassline is perfect for those long summer days by the pool.

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