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Half an Orange Reveals ‘Mostly We Grow Pt. 2’

Instinct has just released a four-track EP from Ohio’s Half an Orange, and it’s delighting electronic/future bass fans. The pair recently shared “Blink 182” through the Monstercat imprint also featured on this must-hear collection.

Filled with intricate melodies, washing instrumentals, and some stunning vocals, there is something special about each of the tracks here. “Sunscreen” comes alive with a steady groove, whilst “Mark Twain” has a profound backstory as Michael explains,  “I wrote this song the afternoon I found out my dad had cancer – he and I went to a river near our house to sit down and take in the information. He told me he felt like he was already dead, and when I got home I found a bunch of dark and creepy sounds and began writing a song about how that would feel.”


Closing the set is “Video Games,” a gorgeous listen given light by its twinkling touches of melody. Half an Orange share the EP’s theme as, Both parts of Mostly We Grow are about trying to grow as a person each day regardless of what life throws at you. The lowest and highest points of your life mean nothing if you don’t try to learn and grow from them.”

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