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David Guetta Featured in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone recently featured David Guetta in their Hot Issue and republished the article by Josh Elles online.

The article can be summed up by Guetta’s own quote, “I’m happy to be the biggest DJ in the world.” It doesn’t cover any other artists or major shows, but instead provides a quick look into Guetta’s rock-star lifestyle with a little bit of history thrown in for people who have never or only recently heard of him.

Here’s an excerpt describing the F*** Me I’m Famous party in Ibiza:

Guetta goes on at 3:45 a.m. At 4:30, his wife and business partner, Cathy, delights the crowd by passing out rainbow light sticks and cherry-flavored freeze-pops. At 5:05, three guys in eight-foot-tall robot suits march out to perform a choreo­graphed dance routine with laser guns that also shoot fire. At 6:30, Guetta leads a champagne toast while his new single “Without You,” featuring Usher, booms in the background. (He’ll play it twice tonight.) Paris Hilton materializes wearing a Fuck Me I’m Famous trucker cap, raving about how Guetta is a genius. Finally, around 8, Guetta doffs his headphones, raises his arms in victory and heads out the door to his waiting Land Rover.

A little bit of the story behind Guetta’s collaboration is is covered including “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow”. Elles also reveals that Guetta’s new album is due in 2012 and as other productions are concerned, he’s only doing favors right now.

Read the entire article at Rolling Stone.

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