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‘Professional Griefers’ Video Debuts

Deadmau5 fans were treating to two pieces of good news yesterday: the upcoming album currently labeled “> album title goes here <” was given a release date of September 25, and a new video for the hot single “Professional Griefers” debuted. Time will tell how the album will be received (read “well” if any of his previous albums are any indication), but the video for ‘Professional Griefers’ has already amassed nearly a half million views in less than 24 hours online.

Even though we’ve heard different forms of the track over the past year, only recently did it include vocals by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. In fact, iTunes pre-orders include an instant download of that vocal mix of ‘Professional Griefers.’

Deadmau5 ft Gerard Way – Professional Griefers

The video itself is over the top and probably the most elaborate music video for a EDM track to date. At first, it just seems like it’s like any giant Deadmau5 show, lots of people carrying mau5 heads and jumping around, but then Joel Zimmerman and Gerard Way are pitted against each other in a robot UFC deathmatch. Each controls a their respective robot mouse from cube booths in what appears to be the biggest event in the world at the time. All this comes crashing down as what appears to be a robot meowingtons begins to take down equipment.

Anyone else notice the gratuitous amount of screen time the SOL headphones got?

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