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Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Out Now on Blackhole Recordings

As the EDM genre continues to grow more and more popular, Pure Trance is ready to unleash with sounds dating back to its “purest degree.”  Blackhole Recordings is releasing its 100th album and setting the stage for a bridge between the originators of trance and a new generation.

Solarstone and Orkidea have come together to mix two discs of Pure Trance.  Solarstone packed many of his own remixes and productions into the first disc of the album, which definitely switches the sound into overdrive.

“This isn’t about looking back. It’s about stepping forward. It’s not about trance’s history or genealogy. It’s about stripping away the music’s unwarranted add-ons; restoring trance’s most vibrant and essential elements and making the genre we love timeless,” Solarstone said on the mix album.

Within Solarstone’s 25 tracks, some including ‘Euphonia’, ‘Streaming Waterfalls’ and ‘Earthbeat’, the absolute mastery of the genre is evident.  Just look at those track titles—it’s as if your ears are off to the spa.  Names like Kyau & Albert, Thomas Datt and Ronski Speed, who made the bedrock for the trance scene, are crawling throughout the album.  More recent talents such as Omnia and Suncatcher bring their unique sounds with songs like ‘Infina’ and ‘Sail On The Waves’.

Orkidea, who mixes 14 tracks on the second disc, kicks off the album with a brand new version of his hit, ‘Unity’, where he fashions the contours of the sound in a hypnotic manner.  How trance of him!  Protoculture’s ‘Perpetual Motion’ and Orkidea’s tribute mix of Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Southern Sun’ define the heat throughout the mix.  Catch these shadowy, acoustic tracks now!

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According to MixMag, “Pure Trance is just part of the genre’s labyrinthine make-up. To counterbalance every trouse or trancestep variation though, it’s a very valuable one.”

Essentially, this album reminds listeners why they got into trance in the first place.  Pure Trance is throwing a lifeline out to those who are in danger of disenfranchising from the genre itself.

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