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Avicii – X You: Out Now!

After five sessions of updates covering Avicii’s biggest music collaboration project, Avicii X You, the collaboration and track are finally complete.  And just to think, the world’s largest music collaboration all began with a YouTube video!

Until yesterday, the Avicii X You site promised “awesome updates to come” and as it turns out, the track dropped worldwide yesterday.

Avicii – X You

In just a month, 4199 artists joined the project from 140 countries from all over the world. Those artists submitted over 12,000 entries to the contest. Kian Sang [Sweden] won the Melody session; Naxsy [France],  Bassline; Martin Kupilas [UK], Beat/Rhythm; Bahr Xakcn [Ukraine], Break; and Jonathan Madray, Mateusz Kolata, and Christian Westphalen, Effects.

The musical challenge provided an opportunity for fans, producers, DJs–potential collaborators—to create and compete for five different components in the Le7els creator’s next EDM single.  The different song submissions included the bassline, melody, beat/rhythm, break and effects.

The concept of crowdsourcing a track with fans as the collaborators was one of the more innovative ideas of late in EDM.  Perhaps it will boost marketing techniques when the track is released and establish more of a personal relationship amongst the Swedish producer’s fan base.  Only time will tell.

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