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Repeat Button: “Dream & Reality” By Ritmo (Class A Remix)

This week, Repeat Button heads to the dark side of trance music, Class A‘s psy-trance remix of “Dream & Reality” by Ritmo off their new EP Ready For Take Off.

Goa. Psy. Call it what you want, but this song has elements of both. Fast hypnotic beats. An ominous choir faded behind the electrical melody. This is the type of song that you would listen to at an abandoned warehouse rave with nothing but a heavily rigged speaker system and a flurry of strobes turning the scene into a nightmarish euphoria.

Ritmo – Dream & Reality (Class A Remix)

The voice is right. Your subconscious mind holds the key to achieve goals, and turn your dreams into reality. Silence. Nothing but the beat, pounding you as the flashing lights drive your unintentional movement across the floor.

Traces from across the electronic dance music spectrum feed into your frenzied emotions. You fade in and out of awareness as the background melody glows subtly through. The repetitive beat allures you to keep moving. At 138bpm, there’s little else that you can do.

The original “Dream & Reality“, by Israeli Ritmo, dropped back in December of 2011, leading to Israeli duo Class A’s renewal of the the psychedelic trance on May 24, turning it into a heavier, more beat driven melody, with some darker elements. The tune is out now exclusively on Beatport.

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