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Repeat Button: London Grammar’s “Hey Now” (Arty Remix)

From the mind of the young Russian superstar, ‘Hey Now’ from British indie pop band London Grammar receives the full trance facelift from on the best minds in the electronic music circuit.

Mr. Arty takes a groovy down tempo song and festivalizes it, keeping the emotional vibe that comes along with Hannah Reid’s lyrics.

London Grammar – Hey Now (Arty Remix)

The tune feels like finding your home after being lost for so long. Taking the power back from a seemingly powerless situation. Feeling the bliss of knowing exactly what must be done or where you’re supposed to be.

Only trance music has the ability to pinpoint a specific moment, down to a singular situation. Non-trance family members don’t get it. In fact, it’s the defining factor of what makes someone part of that international clan. The ability to let the music bring them to a particular place and time, whether its that past, present or future.

Though I’ve yet to find the song anywhere for purchase yet, ABGT and ASOT have both endorsed it with multiple radio plays. It appears that I’m not the only one who appreciates this song.

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