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Dada Life Releases 39 Versions of “Born To Rage”

Dada Life is giving you a chance to win a personalized copy of their single “Born To Rage.” This wild and crazy duo that released the single in 39 versions for 39 different countries is now giving you the opportunity to win a copy personalized about whatever you want.  From their website it, “can be anything… your name, sports team, sorority, local club, random person, your granny. Anything!”

Born To Rage Contest

Go download the single “Born To Rage” on Beatport and then head to to submit your receipt number for a chance to win. 1 lucky person will be selected each day and receive their copy via email.  The counter resets every day, so you can continue to enter again and again for every download (with 39 versions, you can hear the song plenty of different ways). Good luck!

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