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Rank 1 “13.11.11” Release date, Duration, Title & Tempo

Rank 1 singles are gems every bit as much through their scarcity as their ability to send floors supernova. When Benno de Goeij and Piet Bervoets have something to say, it’s always worth listening to. 2013 has already brought the thrilling sonic compulsion of M.I.K.E.collaboration “Elements of Life” and the big-room-boom/title-says-it-all “Floorlifter.”

Rank 1 – 13.11.11 (Preview)

Prepare for one of the most brilliant recordings you’ll hear this year. “13.11.11” says it all… It’s release date, duraton, title and tempo all rolled into one.

“13.11.11” rolls out with progressive trance force and tempo hitting 131.111 beats per minute on the nose! The track has a deep, sonorous bass-building atmosphere. Don’t think it’s going to hang around there too long though…

Backed by floor-flaming, whip-cracking FX, de Goeij and Bervoets drive home its first elevating lead line – one that seizes the track’s center ground and speeds it rapidly towards peak time. With its first high duly delivered “13.11.11” drops back, initiating a beautifully crafted Vangelis-esque analogue sub-melody, which subtly fluctuates the track’s mood.

On “13.11.11” composition, Rank 1 said, “When we decided to produce a track this way, it wasn’t with a “why should we make this?” attitude, but more like “why the hell shouldn’t we!” We know its not ‘the usual’, but who says we have to play by the rules all the time?”

“13.11.11” was released today on High Contrast Recordings.

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