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Electronic Music Adds Diversity To Grammy Winners

For the first time in electronic music’s short Grammy history, Skrillex doesn’t run a full sweep of the 3 “dance” awards. In fact, since he wasn’t nominated this year, the door was left wide open for new champions to take over and spread their names across the rest of the more well-known music world.

Yet, of course, legends in and out of the electronic scene, Daft Punk took home the award for dance/electronica (<–LOL, what newbs!) album with their May release of Random Access Memories. (Along with the ALBUM (all genres) of the year.) Also, Zedd took home the award for best dance single with ‘Clarity’, a radio favorite.

Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams & Stevie Wonder – Get Lucky performance at The Grammy’s 2014 HD

Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, which happens to be an electronically flavored award when to Mr. Cedric Gervais for his makeover of “Summertime Sadness”, a groove the haunted us throughout the year. (Remember when I totally talk about this last summer?!)

Though many of the genres superstars are being sent home without awards (i.e. Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Pretty Lights, etc.), finally the Grammy’s show that electronic music goes beyond the assumed-to-be womp of Skrillex productions. That’s not to say that Skrillex didn’t deserve his victories, but his absence this year allows for the other stars to show the rest of the world that electronic is so much more.

P.S. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers takes home THE RECORD OF THE YEAR. (Caps to inflect my excited shouting voice.) In other words, the best song of the year came from a dance album…that’s right. Electronic has officially arrived.

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