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Max Graham Revs Up Cycles 5

A solid 2013 for Max Graham is in the books, and Cycles 5 is ready to roll him through 2014. He’s ready to throw it back to the style that started it all for him.

“I’m going back to my roots by playing long sets again,” says Max. “We’re really pushing for more open to close sets so I can play a wider variety of music.”

His trance tunes have graced our ears for the longest time, spanning multiple decades now in fact, zoning us out into the evening.

Max Graham – Cycles 5 (Album Teaser)

From progressive to techno, trance, minimal and deep house, Cycles 5 seeks to expand the listeners’ musical horizon and introduce them to genres outside of their usual spectrum. The vibe is inexplicable to Max with all the effort he’s exerted into it, but he promises that it’ll be unforgettable.

“Well, it’s a little hard for me to separate making it and feeling the vibe like a first time listener… I’ll have to listen again in a year to really get a proper feeling from it!” says Max.

I’m willing to bet that I’ll still be listening to it then.

The album releases January 17th.

Tracklist Cycles 5

1. Silence Groove – Above You (Intro Mix) [album exclusive]

2. Anry – Serene Sky

3. Nihilum – Illusion

4. Mindset – Home

5. Speed Limits – Offshore

6. Darin Epsilon – Valencia (Dousk Remix)

7. Mindgamers – Can You Feel It (Metodi Hristov Remix)

8. Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson – Recognition [album exclusive]

9. Aerofeel5 – Position [album exclusive]

10. Balthazar & Jackrock – Blade Dancer (Alex Di Stefano Remix)

11. Max Graham vs Maarten De Jong – Lekker

12. Max Graham – Evil I.D. (Mark Sherry Remix)

13. Max Graham – Purple

14. Alexey Ryasnyansky – Paper Flower

15. Simon Templar – Phenomenal

16. Solid Stone – For The Moment

17. Chris Agnelli – Vanishing Point

18. Solid Stone – Essence

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