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Dirty South and Rudy embark on side project “Ruben Haze”

Phazing Music is thrilled to announce the EP release City Of Dreams from the brand new collaborative live-act Ruben Haze.

Ruben Haze is essentially a fabricated character, sketched out as a passion venture from the creative minds of Dirty South and vocalist Rudy Sandapa.

The Lead track has been biding its time as a teaser demo, gaining positive nods from the likes of NME, DJ Mag and Wonderland Magazine, and is most well-known in it’s previous form as the similarly titled #1 club-record by Dirty South and Alesso.

The anticipated EP is a live orientated band project with each track seething with gently building string elements alongside ethereal vocals and infectious melodies. “We wanted to give ourselves a platform to put out music for years. Music for the ages. Ruben Haze gives us a chance to do that and throughout the past year Ruben Haze has truly taken on a life of his own.”

The enigmatic collective are as visually stimulating as they are to hear. Opting to be represented by beautifully executed artwork, a preferential “mature” comic book illustrations enhance the audio wholly and will be released alongside the EP.

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