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Destructo becomes next artist to join Insomniac Records/Interscope Records

It has been a little over a month since Insomniac announced the launch of their own record label, Insomniac Records. With the help of Interscope Records, it will be dedicated to fostering the unique talents of a select group of artists, and giving them a powerful platform on which to share their music with fans around the world. Along with the announcement of the launch, we also learned that Arty would be the first artist on the historic label. Now, we have learned that the second artist will be none other than HARD presents founder, Destructo.

Destructo, or Gary Richards, released his new single today entitled “Party Up” which features rapper YG. The single also becomes the first G-house track to be released by the record label, which shows the musical diversity that the label is bringing to the table. Besides being a DJ/producer, Richards is also one of the most influential people in dance music, even included in Rolling Stone’s “50 Most Important People in EDM” list.

With Pasquale Rotella’s Insomniac behind the scenes and now Richards’ HARD directly associated with Insomniac Records, the future seems increasingly bright for the dance community. Will the partnership of these powerhouses also affect the music festival scene? Be sure to support Destructo’s release by heading over to Beatport:

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